Ultratech Int aims to be an active part of the sustainable economy. Since sustainability is the main value for many companies, we aim to be the key partner that helps ensure the commitment of protection to the environment and people.


Over 50 million tons of electronic waste are produced annually worldwide and only 20% of them become recycled and reused.

This phenomenon has generated in the last years many debates on the sustainability of the current industries and finally, in 2015, led to a plan of actions from the European Union that come to modify the traditional economic model, based on PRODUCTION – CONSUMPTION – DISPOSAL, to a circular one, based on REUSING – REPAIR – RECONDITIONING – RECYCLING of existing materials and products, as long as possible.

The purpose of this loop process is to extend the product life cycle with the objective of saving material and energy resources. When a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are reused in the economy whenever possible by providing them with each production process, an additional added value. The accompanying graph exemplifies the contribution that Ultratech Int brings to the cycle of the circular economy, by making a significant contribution to the efficiency of the use of resources:


The new circular economic vision regarding electronic equipment comprises 5 principles:

· Design focus: Products are designed for durability, reuse and safe recycling.

· Reintegration of manufacturing waste: old materials from the factory are re-introduced to production

· Second life of the equipment: They remain for a longer period in the production process, reaching the second or even third time after the advanced restorations and repairs.

· Increasing the level of collection by providing incentives for consumers: Maximizing the collection of electronic equipment at the end of its life cycle.

· Advanced recycling: Policies to encourage recycling and integrate recycled content into new products. High-tech recycling extracts a wide range of materials and maintains them at the highest quality. Researchers have found that extracting metals from electronic waste costs 13 times less than extracting ore. Ultratech is committed to maintaining as long as possible the service life of industrial equipment by permanently specializing the team to cope with technological changes and the needs of our partners.

Ultratech is a promoter of the circular economy and we consider that we are a key part of this process which, beyond the focus on a material outcome, cares for the quality of life of future generations.



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