Ultratech Int has completed the experience of more than 20 years of specialists it holds, with multiple professional certifications, training courses in prestigious companies in the U.E., as well as practical expertise in the U.S. and can provide repair and maintenance services for any type of industrial electronic equipment.


The high-end technology we use as well as our team experience are aspects that allow us to quickly and precisely detect any issues that occur on the electrical side of your industrial devices. By request, the initial check and observation can take place at client’s work site. Read More


Ultratech Int covers a wide range of areas that use industrial electronical devices. Our team successfully repairs various types of devices such as:

  • Inverters
  • Servo drivers
  • Soft starters
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial robots
  • Control boards
  • Control panels
  • HMI’s
  • PLC’s
  • Industrial controllers (temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • Metal detectors for the food industry
  • Industrial computers
  • Industrial monitors

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Ultratech Int assures full and continuous functionality of your devices through subscription-based maintenance contracts, which can include a basic number of interventions or on-demand repairs.

We offer a unique 12-month guarantee system for all the devices we repair.

Our company quickly respond to any request from clients in order to make sure that the production process isn’t affected by machine failures. Read More


Do you want to discuss more about the services we provide? Contact us and we’ll give you more information.

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