About Ultratech

Ultratech Int technicians have gained more than 10 years of experience in the field of repairs of industrial equipment (frequency converter repairs, classic and switching power supply repairs, light and heavy electronic equipment repairs, electronic production or processing equipments, control and measurement)


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Contact us by email at contact@ultratech.ro, or by calling 0264274138


We're moving to you to lift the equipment


We resolve urgent requests within 12 hours


We return the repaired and tested equipment


Each technician has experience in electronics for over 10 years , gained both in our country and in the USA and improved by training stages in EU entitles us to say that we are working with Ultra technicians. For them, a standard repair or an unique repair is just another challenge and not an unknown.

Fast repairs

For any company lost time is financial deficit, therefore we proceed in making the technical manouvers as soon as our client aproves the repair. The only delays we accept are the ones based on parts finding and shipping from the providers located in many different parts of the world. We always inform our clients about the repair process and stage.


Type of guarantee which we offer our clients is unique. Ultra – warranty is 12 months and not only covers the parts replaced but the entire repaired equipment. We can do this because once in our unit, an equipment is thoroughly checked. We always realize a diagnosis and a prognosis on the lifespan and reliability of the device. We carry out preventive repairs in order to extend the perfect functioning of your equipment.

Customer service

Is offered in order to ensure the proper functioning of your equipments.
Int Ultratech helps customers both online and by phone. Our clients benefit from the advice of technicians in terms of use, cleaning and maintenance of the repaired equipments.

It is recomandable to take care of all the factors that ensure the longevity and efficiency of using an electronic device . We have to establish exactly what type of device you need , what level of use thereof you are ( beginner or professional ) , how often you will use , the producer and the guarantee offered , cost of maintenance and repairs his electric consumption , etc …

Ultratech Int meets this unmet market need of repair companies.


Do you want to discuss more about the services we provide? Contact us and we’ll give you more information.

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